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J C Automotives specialises in a range of car repair services in Brisbane

J C Automotives offers a range of car repair services for all models and makes of cars. Our experienced team is committed to delivering quality and honest workmanship. We take our duty of care very seriously and will ensure that all vehicles leaving our shop are in the safest possible condition. You can contact us for:

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More about our Brisbane based car repair services

If your car won’t start or you notice issues with your car’s headlights, taillights, radio or aircon, odds are you have an auto electrical problem. Your car’s auto electrical system relies on three key elements, the battery, the starter and the alternator. If any of these parts has a faulty component, your electrics won’t work properly, or your car may stop altogether. If your car shows these symptoms, your car needs auto electrical repairs.

If your exhaust is giving off smoke or lagging when you accelerate, there’s a chance your engine needs repairing. Other signs of engine troubles may be an engine that is consuming more oil, or an engine that isn’t running like it used to. If your engine is showing any of these signs, then it may need a repair.

If you’ve got a gearbox or clutch, that’s crunching or grinding when you change gears, book your car in for a car repair as soon as possible. Leaving dysfunctional clutches or gearboxes unchecked can cause a lot of costly damage to your car.

If you need a reliable car repair in Brisbane, contact J C Automotives

Got a car that needs auto electrical, gearbox, clutch or engine repairs, Call J C Automotives today. Operating since 1991, our family owned business has experience with both classic and contemporary vehicles. We’re open Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, and Saturday by appointment only. Located in Brisbane’s South East, we service the suburbs of Morningside, Murarrie, Carina, Canon Hill, Camp Hill and Bulimba.

The auto repair industry is constantly changing due to advancements in vehicle design and technology. To keep up-to-date, our team of mechanics never stop training, so we can provide our Brisbane customers with the highest quality repairs.