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Got questions about our automotive services and repairs?

We get lots of questions about our automotive services and repairs, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have questions about any of our services, check out the list below.

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Car Problems?

Car shaking can be due to various reasons such as wheel alignment issues, brake problems, or engine troubles. It’s best to have your vehicle checked by a professional mechanic to diagnose the problem.

Overheating can be caused by a malfunctioning cooling system, a leak in the cooling system, a faulty thermostat, or a failing water pump. It’s crucial to get your car checked immediately to prevent further damage.

The check engine light can come on for many reasons, including a malfunctioning sensor, a failing catalytic converter, a loose gas cap, or spark plug issues. A computer diagnostic analysis can help identify the exact cause.

Strange noises can be a sign of various issues, such as problems with the brakes, engine, exhaust system, or suspension. It’s recommended to have a mechanic inspect your car to determine the source of the noise.

High fuel consumption can be due to factors like aggressive driving habits, under-inflated tyres, a dirty air filter, or engine problems. Regular servicing can help maintain optimal fuel efficiency.

A vibrating steering wheel can be a sign of unbalanced tyres, alignment issues, or problems with the brake system. A mechanic can help identify and fix the issue.

If your car’s air conditioning isn’t cooling, it could be due to a refrigerant leak, a faulty compressor, a clogged condenser, or other issues. An auto repair shop can diagnose and repair the problem.

A soft brake pedal can be a sign of air in the brake lines, worn brake pads, or a brake fluid leak. It’s crucial to get your brakes checked immediately for safety.

A fast-draining battery could be due to a faulty alternator, a parasitic drain, or simply an old battery. A mechanic can test your battery and charging system to find the issue.

The tyre pressure light can come on if your tyres are under-inflated, over-inflated, or if there’s a problem with the tyre pressure monitoring system. It’s important to check your tyre pressure and adjust it as necessary.

Looking for a mechanic in Brisbane?

JC Automotives offers a range of services including log book servicing, brakes and brake pads, steering and suspension, tyre fitting and balancing, computer diagnostic analysis, and general automotive repair.

JC Automotives is located in Morningside, Brisbane, close to Bulimba, Cannon Hill, Murarrie, Carina, and Camp Hill.

Yes, JC Automotives services all makes and models of cars.

JC Automotives services all makes and models of cars, and they offer a range of services from log book servicing to general automotive repair.

JC Automotives provides detailed invoices explaining all the work carried out on your vehicle. For specifics, it’s best to contact them directly.

Yes, JC Automotives has the expertise and equipment to work with both late and early model vehicles.

Log book servicing is a comprehensive service that checks your vehicle in the way that the manufacturer intended. All safety checks, measures, replacements and adjustments are carried out.

The brake and brake pad service at JC Automotives includes inspection and replacement of brake pads and discs if necessary, ensuring your vehicle’s safety.

The steering and suspension service involves checking and repairing components like power steering, shock absorbers, struts, and springs to ensure a smooth and controlled ride.

Tyre fitting and balancing at JC Automotives involves mounting your tyres on the rims and balancing the weight of the tyre and wheel assembly to ensure a smooth ride and minimal tyre wear.

Computer diagnostic analysis is a service that uses advanced technology to read your vehicle’s computer system, identifying any potential issues or faults.

JC Automotives has a duty of care to ensure all vehicles leave their premises in the safest mechanical condition possible. They conduct comprehensive checks and services to ensure this.

JC Automotives offers complimentary transfers to the nearest public transport or CityCat, so you can explore the city while you wait for your car service or repair.

Yes, JC Automotives can handle both minor and major automotive repairs.

Don’t see your question there? Feel free to give us call. Our friendly team are more than happy you answer any questions you have. If you need a car mechanic in Brisbane, trust JC Automotives. We’re located in Morningside, and service all surrounding suburbs in South East Brisbane including Morningside, Cannon Hill, Bulimba, Murarrie, Carina, Camp Hill, and more.