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Tyre Fitting & Balancing

Regular tyre fitting and tyre balancing are essential to the health of your car

Your tyres are the only thing connecting you to the road. A new tyre has about 8-9mm of tread depth, but over time, the tread wears down. Every tyre has wear indicators, raised bumps that are about 1.6mm high. When your tyres wear down to the top of these bumps, it’s time to visit your local Brisbane car mechanic.

Tyre Fitting & Balancing Services | Car Mechanic Brisbane | JC Automotives

Whenever you replace your tyres, make sure your car mechanic does tyre balancing. This process ensures that the tyres are balanced with the wheel weights to ensure your car drives smoothly and safely. If there’s an imbalance in your tyres, your steering wheel will rock back and forth when you reach a certain speed. Another clear sign of unbalanced tyres is uneven wear due to a compensation for the imbalance. You’ll notice that certain tyres will wear faster than the others, often creating bald spots and tread damage. If you find yourself changing some tyres more often than others, it’s recommended that you book into a car mechanic for tyre balancing.

Unbalanced tyres will also create vibrations and judders making driving dangerous for both you and your passengers. Over time, these vibrations will place added stress on your car’s suspension, especially the lower ball joints and axels. Eventually, these parts will wear down and need replacing a lot sooner than necessary. If you notice your steering wheel rocking, or your tyre wearing unevenly, you should contact a car mechanic as soon as possible.

Searching for a Brisbane car mechanic that does tyre fitting and balancing?

Our team of highly experienced mechanics specialise in tyres. We can do tyre inspections, tyre fitting, tyre balancing, tyre rotation and wheel alignments to ensure your tyres are safe and sturdy. If you’ve noticed some wear on your tyres, or it’s been a while since your tyres were changed, call JC Automotives today. We’re located in South East Brisbane and are open Mon – Thu : 8:00 am – 5:00 pm | Fri : 8:00 am – 4:00 pm | Closed weekends. We are accessible from all suburbs in South East Brisbane; including: Morningside, Cannon Hill, Bulimba, Murarrie, Carina, Camp Hill, and more.