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Diesel Fuel System Services

Got a diesel fuel car? Book a fuel system service at least once a year

Diesel fuel systems are becoming more and more popular with Brisbane motorists. But if you want your diesel car to last, you need to keep up with regular servicing and maintenance. Diesel fuel systems require very careful monitoring to prevent dirt and water entering the fuel supply and damaging the system.

Diesel Fuel System Services | Car Mechanic Brisbane | JC Automotives

If a car mechanic finds something wrong with your diesel fuel system, it will usually be one of four things: dirt in the fuel system, water in the fuel system, the air in the fuel system or faulty injectors. If your engine is missing, tapping, or running irregularly, or you see black smoke coming from the exhaust, then dirt is usually the culprit. If your cars’ engine is struggling to start, you could be dealing with air in the fuel system. If your engine misses or stops completely, there’s probably water in your fuel system.

A major part of diesel fuel system maintenance is the servicing of diesel pumps, injectors, and other key components. Signs of faulty injectors include black exhaust smoke, loss of power, an overheating engine or excessive fuel consumption. If you notice any of these signs, then contact a car mechanic immediately.

Need a Brisbane car mechanic that does diesel system servicing?

Apart from similar basic piping systems and fuel tanks, diesel fuel systems differ significantly according to their make and model. As a result, each diesel engine manufacturer recommends different maintenance and repair procedures. If you need an experienced Brisbane car mechanic to look at your diesel system, contact JC Automotives.

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