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Engine Repairs & Rebuild

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Engine troubles are a common issue for Brisbane car owners. There are a few signs that may indicate you have issues with your engine. The first sign is trouble starting your engine. While this may be a simple battery issue, you may have an underlying engine issue. Another sign is a clear lagging when you put your foot down on the accelerator.

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Sometimes engine issues aren’t obvious. You may notice your engine is running more roughly than usual, or your car just isn’t driving the way it used to. If you suspect your engine has issues, regularly check your engines’ oil. Engines that consume, or lose, more oil than usual, may need to be repaired, or rebuilt. If you notice changes in your engine oil consumption, contact your car mechanic as soon as possible.

In many cases, engine issues will result in smoking from the exhaust. This smoke can come in a range of different colours, each one indicating a slightly different engine issue. A car mechanic can diagnose what’s wrong with your engine by looking at the colour of the smoke and conducting a computer diagnostic analysis.

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We know engine work in Brisbane can be pricey, that’s why our mechanics will always attempt to contact you if your service or repairs exceed the expected parameters of procedure and cost. That way you can decide what you want to do with your cars’ engine before we go ahead.

While in some cases an engine rebuild is unavoidable, in most cases your engine will simply require repairs. Before we recommend replacing or rebuilding your engine, we will source the parts to repair it. So, if you need competitively priced engine repairs, call JC Automotives today. Our experienced mechanics can repair and rebuild engines for both late and early model cars. We are accessible from all suburbs in South East Brisbane; including Morningside, Cannon Hill, Bulimba, Murarrie, Carina, Camp Hill, and more.