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Maintenance tips to keep your car running smoothly

Keeping a car well maintained is essential for preventing costly repair bills and for increasing the lifespan of your vehicle. With just a few simple maintenance tasks you can ensure that your car is in prime condition all year round.

Check and change your oil

To check your oil simply pull out your oil dipstick and wipe off the residue with a cloth, then reinsert it. When you pull it out again, look at how far the oil comes up on the indicator lines. Ideally it should be at or near the top indicator line (or dot) and your oil should be a nice clear colour. Your dipstick should also be clean. If the oil level is too low, you can top it up or visit your local car mechanic. If your oil is dark or sticky or your dipstick is discoloured, you need to schedule oil changes more regularly.

Monitor your coolant

Your coolant should be changed, and the entire system flushed, once a year. This will prevent your engine from overheating and prevent debris building up in your system. When flushing the system, you should use a mixture of half coolant, half distilled water. If you aren’t confident with this, call your local car mechanic.

Wash and wax your car

Washing and waxing your car not only keeps your car looking great, it also prevents corrosion. Make sure you also wash the underside of your car to prevent build-ups of salt, dust or oil on your wheels, axels and undercarriage. By waxing your car twice a year, you can protect your car’s paintwork and prevent chipping and other wear and tear.

Check your windscreen washer levels

While you are checking your oil, it also pays to check the water levels for your windscreen washers. Fill the reservoir with distilled water up to the fill line to prevent you from dry wiping your windscreens. If you live in a cool area add an antifreeze solution to your water to prevent freezing on cold days.

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